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Hi, I'm Evans Rakgole Mathibe - a Photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. For further information and bookings, kindly please drop me an email. I will be getting in touch with you shortly.
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About Me

Film, Theatre & Photography practitioner


Evans Mathibe

So far I’ve been in the entertainment industry for  11 years as a Scriptwriter,  Producer, Director, Photographer, Arts Manager and facilitator. initially i wanted to only stick to scriptwriting, producing and directing for theatre and film, but i found myself in situation where i was diversifying into different services and business interest, buts till driven mostly by passion.

During my two years of acting i realised that my heart lies in scriptwriting, producing and directing. in 2003 I started my own production company Nerve Entertainment, of which I was the Artistic Director. The services offered are Actors & Models Management, Theatre Production, Film Production and Events Management, and that’s when I fully focused on my scriptwriting, training/mentoring actors then got into producing and directing which was a natural progression for me. Later on I restructured my company as i was also including models management and photography. And now the company is known as Nerve Models, which solely focuses on     models management.

I picked up interest in photography and that was sparked by the bad quality most photography studios offered models. So i got into it mostly to do fashion photography but I’ve grown into different types of photography.  I’m currently doing my honors degree under Drama For Life in applied drama and theatre at university of  Wiwatersrand (Wits) at the same time.  I’m currently working on a film, theatre productions which I’m writing and directing and do photography work as always.

For further information and bookings, kindly please refer to the contact section of my website. I will be happy to get in touch with you.

Evans Mathibe